Any pattern can be used. However, they have asked not to use religious or ethnic fabrics.

Read all instructions before beginning:

For 6 placemats:

1-yard main fabric

1-yard contrasting fabric

1-yard fusible fleece (batting can be used)

Cutting instructions (for 6)

Main Fabric: 17” wide x 12” long

Contrasting Fabric: 17” wide x 12” long

Fusible Fleece: 16” wide x 12” long

Let’s Sew!

  1. With your main fabric face down, center the fleece piece on top (fusible side down). Iron according to the fusible fleece instructions)
  2. Place the contrasting fabric right side up with the main fabric on top facedown,
  • Using ½” seam allowance, sew around the entire outside of the rectangle making sure to leave a 4” opening for turning
  • Clip the tips off the four corners
  • Turn placemat right side out, tuck the seams in at the 4”opening and press
  • Stitch around the placemat, making sure the opening is closed. If you want, stitch around again ½” from the edge.

Press an ASG “made by” sticker on the back side of the placemat. Ask your group leader or CAB member for the stickers.

Thank you for taking part in this community project.